Design of Stormwater Management Systems


Design of Storm Sewers and Pavement Drainage


Hydraulic Design of Culverts


Introduction to HEC HMS


Introduction to HEC RAS








Routing Grapgh





Design of Stormwater Management Systems

This two day course presents a comprehensive view of stormwater management with a “hands-on” emphasis of current design practices. Discussions include regulatory framework, overview of Best Management Practices (BMPs), water quantity and quality issues. Design procedures for several BMPs are presented including detention/retention, bioretention, infiltration, and filtration. Participants will perform actual design calculations (bring a calculator!) which includes developing hydrographs, determining storage requirements, sizing a release structure and hydrologic routing. Water quality calculations include determining water quality volumes, designing for extended detention, and sizing sand filters and bioretention systems. This course is based on several nationally recognized state stormwater management manuals. 1.4 CEUs

Overview of Stormwater Management
Regulatory Framework
Hydrology for Stormwater Management
SCS Example Problem
Best Management Practices (BMPs)
Design of BMPs for Quantity
Detention Example Problem
Design of BMPs for Quality
Water Quality Example Problems