“Very good seminar, met and exceeded what I was looking for in a training seminar. I will likely attend others and recommend others to attend as well.” - Richard Reynosa, City of Bryan

“Come to the seminar, you won’t regret it!” - Cynthia DeSellier, Lenard Engineering, Inc

“Brian Roberts is the best seminar instructor in the past 8 years of seminars that I’ve attended.” - Charlene Johnston, Weston & Sampson Engineers

“This seminar is the most interesting and well presented of any I have attended.” - Verlyn A. Miller, Miller Engineering Consultants, Inc

“Good class emphasizing engineering tools and methods applied to long term Stormwater management.” - Wilson L. Bowden, CTL/Thompson, Inc

“Excellent Review even for a CEO with examples from around the country.” - Don Borcherding, Yaggy Colby Associates

“Great Seminar. It was refreshing to attend a seminar where you learn practical applications & work real-world problems.” - Jason Michel, Condon Consulting Engineers

“Excellent course for beginners and intermediate student.” - Dennis Cotter, CBI

“The seminar gives a good overview of pipe & inlet design. It is very good as a refresher course for experienced engineers or as training for new engineers.” - Suz King, BKF Engineers

“Brian is an excellent instructor in all aspects of Stormwater conveyance and management.” - Mike Wimer, Citrus County BOCC

“This is a great seminar for new engineers which need more in depth understanding of what our software is doing.” - Sandra Browning, PHR&A

“Brian Roberts presented Stormwater management in a simple, straightforward approach. His materials and program took a lot of the mystique out of Stormwater management for the 21st century.” - Clay Massey, Massey Design & Associates

“This course is an excellent opportunity at both the introductory level, as well as the advanced level for information about and design techniques of the latest in swm techniques.” - Lloyd Ntuk, PHR&A

“A very comprehensive overview of Stormwater management alternatives.”
- Scott Wise, Welford Engineering Associates

“Excellent value for small consulting firm.” - Steve Parks, SA Parks & Associates

“A great seminar which was taught as it was advertised.” - Greg Smith, Russell & Company

“The instructor is very knowledgeable, yet extremely easy to understand. His enthusiasm for the topic is addictive.” - Jon McCalmont, Delta Airport Consultants, Inc

“Extremely knowledgeable instructor.” - Matt Thomson, City of Horn Lake

“I would recommend this seminar to other engineers.” - Ray Zobel, Walton County, FL

“As a landscape architect I highly recommend other LA’s to take this course to become more familiar with todays site design requirements and to be more effective.” - Brad Riffel, AEC, Inc

“Very good practical knowledge and real world applications.” - John Creigh, BSC

“The course did an excellent job of giving me an overall understanding of how to manage runoff. It also exposed me to critical factors to consider when designing a system.” - Douglas Hintz, Federal Aviation Administration

“I would recommend this seminar for anyone involved with storm water design or site layout.” - Paul Thompson, Community Tectonics, LLC

“Well worth the cost. Probably good for long-time engineers & those just starting out.” - Jamie Eubanks, Jenkins, Stanford & Associates

“Excellent class – exactly what I needed – I wish I had taken this sooner.” - Sherman Smith, Pulaski County Public Works

“Brian was very knowledgeable and presented the material well. I left with a better understanding of the subject and with tools and knowledge to make my projects a better product.” - John Mueller, Broward Davis and Assoc.

“Excellent training course. The instructor/student interaction sets this course above others. Great experience and I definitely plan to come back!” - Laura Miller, Century Engineering Inc

“Good course for stormwater basics or new regulations”
- Keith E. Conroy, Conroy Engineering

“Great class. Good review of material I had forgotten and excellent teaching of topics that were new.” - Bill King, Michael Baker Jr. Corp

“The seminar was excellent. The presentation was well prepared. The hand outs will be useful in the future.” - Larry Carson, City of Wilmington, DE

“This course provided a good overview of current trends in Stormwater management as well as some in-depth background in the theory and calculations, beneficial for both regulators and designers.” - Tim Dorman, TEC Inc

“Very informative and helpful, Simple to understand.” - Paul Brogna, Seacoast Engineering Co

“Practical, down to earth approach any design engineer should know.”
- John Murphy, Murphy Engineering Group

“Practical approaches and conceptual answers.” - Pat Drew, Telluride Ski & Golf

“Finally, a technical approach to green engineering.” - Amy Turner, Fuscoe Engineering

“Design of Stormwater Management Systems is an excellent seminar for all professionals involved with Stormwater issues.” - Birgit Widegren, Tahoe Regional Planning Agency

“I will definitely take more courses by this company.” - Connie Fish

“Great seminar that helped me refresh my memory.” - Greg Mower, Sisul Engineering

“This seminar provides a good foundation for a beginning engineer. In addition, this seminar also provides some in-depth information for the experienced engineer.” - Chris Cooper, Hanson Professional Services

“Great course on basic culvert hydraulics. A good refresher for P.E.’s.”
- Jeremy D. Johnson, P.E., Kimley-Horn & Associates, Inc.

“This is my second time coming. I found in both seminar it was very much informative. Each time I learn more and more. This seminar is one of the best seminars I have had. Brian Roberts is very much knowledgeable engineer. Thank you Brian.” - Rod Pakzadian, St. Johns River Water Management District

“In school, I was a little unclear about nomographs. The presentation cleared up a lot of confusion. The material presented is something I feel will better me in my practice of civil engineering.” - Steven R. Joubert, Dufrene Surveying & Engineering

“Very good seminar, straight to the point-Brian is very personable.”
- Mike Switzer, P.E., Neel-Schaffer, Inc

“Brian did a very good job explaining complex issues in a very straight-forward, easy to understand manner. He also believes in students’ need to comprehend the basics of drainage design.” - Donald Hambidge, Director, City of Treasure Island

“A necessary seminar for practicing engineers.” - Phil Herring, Palm Beach

“Overall, good presentation…Thanks for your expertise and help in educating.” - Andy Heath, DRMP

“Outstanding refresher” - Bob Ballard, Areva

“Material was right to the point with no waste just to fill time. Brian is one of the most interesting presenters I have encountered.” - Gene Drake, Foley Products Co.

“Impressive and comprehensive reference manual.” - Victoria Johnson, City of Santa Barbara

“It’s like being back in school-but with a much greater understanding.”
- Amy Turner, Fuscoe Engineering

“Very compelling teaching method-effective, clear, enjoyable presentation.” - Shauna Hansen, City of Tacoma

“Very valuable training. Best technical education seminar I’ve attended.”
- Richard Law, P.E., Columbia NW Engineering

“This course will give me much more confidence in the performance of the storm systems I design.” - Scott Nelson, Hopper Dennis & Jellison

Oakland, CA Feb 23-24, 2004
“Excellent course. Employers get an excellent return on investment by sending employees to the course.” - Nate Hershey, Milani & Associates

“The combination of instructions, hands-on work and the manual and software I took away are a plus to my experience and working library. A good practical course.” - Jack Curley, Assistant Engineer, Marin County Flood Control & Water Conservation District

“Every agency engineer that does any drainage at all must take these courses.” - Kevin Doble, County of Sonoma

“A must seminar for all NPDES Coordinators” - Nabil Kassih, City of Corona

“Use this course for CA NPDES Permit Required Annual Training.”
- Erica Ryan, NPDES Coordinator Public Agencies, Berryman & Henigar

“Excellent course! Instructor was very organized, knowledgeable & enthusiastic. Course reference materials are invaluable. I highly recommend this course!” - Erik D. Bergey, DY Consultants

“A dynamic and interactive seminar. General information was presented by the instructor, supplemented by specific local experiences provided by the class.” - Jason Borne, Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.

“A very practical and useful course for engineers and scientist who do hydrology work in Stormwater systems.” - Dave Nicholson, Marin County Flood Control & Water Conservation District

“An excellent Stormwater management seminar” - John Ferons, Robert A. Karn & Associates, Inc

“It was nice to see the different perspectives of different drainage issues throughout the country.” - Joanna Charlton, Marin County Flood Control

“Detailed material, experienced instructor. Great!” - Kerwin Li, MGE Engineering, Inc.

“This seminar was very informative & met all of my expectations. It was an excellent experience for anybody in water resources engineering.”
- Michael Muelrath, Bartelt Engineering

“I feel much more confident in addressing pavement drainage and design because of this course. Thanks!” - Leslie Clayton, Winzler & Kelly

“Excellent, concise review of hydraulics and summary of design principles.” - Theresa Wu, Port of Long Beach

“It Rocks!” - Frank Cahill, Tetra Tech, Inc

“Excellent course for any experience level. Well prepared and organized.”
- Cliff Jarvis, Engineering Surveys & Services

“Great for general or basic hydrology and subsequent use of BMPs for discharges in relation to the Phase 2 criteria.” - Terry Bodine, Design Nine, Inc

“Good entry level information for those interested in storm water sizing.”
- Jon Brinkley, Gunderson Construction Co

“This seminar appealed to all aspects of the Stormwater industry. Government, private and industry could all benefit from this information. - Greg Spires, Hancor

“Outstanding review of hydraulic design methods and principles.”
- Lawrence W. “Terry” Theriault, City of Jacksonville

“I found this course very informative. It was worth my time!”
- Susan Combas, Orange County, FL

“Excellent Seminar!” - Dave Wilson, City of Chattanooga

“Great seminar – recommend to anyone at any level….you spoke well to all levels of educations.” - David M. Ruhl, Neel-Schaffer, Inc.

“Course marries water quantity to quality and gives one clean insight.”
- William F. Stevens, Jr., Miami Dade County PWD

“Very good, very thorough.” - Michael J. Sweeny, FEI

“This class provided “quantity” to “quality”. Taught how to design “quality”.” - Eric W. Larson, City – County Planning Commission of Warren Co., KY

“The seminar was very useful for those who need a basic understanding of BMPs and how to design them. For me, the seminar was a great refresher course, but I also learned to look at design issues that I haven’t in the past.” - Patty Hilburn, McKim & Creed

“Brian was very knowledgable and presented the material in an easily-grasped format. Great review of fundamentals. Good resources.” - Scott Emmons, RWR

“The seminar was excellent. I will recommend to others.” - Rod Pakzadian, SJRWMD

“Well taught….Informative; great for understanding the theory behind culvert design. Very good refresher for those away from the theory aspect of engineering.” - Bryan Zarlenga, TBE Group, Inc

“Brian obviously knows the topic very thoroughly and enjoys teaching others. He approaches culvert design with enthusiasm.” - Russ Kamper, Lane Enterprises

“Material was presented with just the right balance between level of complexity and presentation in an interesting format. Speaker was highly motivated and personable.” - Leon McGuire, Project Manager, Taylor Wiseman & Taylor

“Great course, Well explained, I will take more seminars from WRLC. I definitely got my monies worth.” - Brian Wise, Stark County Engineer