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The Water Resources Learning Center is pleased to offer the following publications for sale. These reference materials are developed by various governmental agencies and are used in our seminars. All publications are double-sided, high quality, professionally bound reproductions.

FHWA HDS-3: Design Charts for Open Channel Flow

This publication contains charts which provide direct solution of the Manning's equation for uniform flow in open prismatic channels of various cross sections. GREAT FOR THE P.E. EXAM! 1961.

FHWA HDS-5: Hydraulic Design of Culverts

Hydraulic Design of Highway Culverts, Hydraulic Design Series No. 5 (HDS-5), combines culvert design information previously contained in Hydraulic Engineering Circulars (HEC) No. 5, No. 10, and No. 13 with hydrologic, storage routing, and special culvert design information. The result is a comprehensive culvert design publication. Hydrologic analysis methods are described, and references cited. Culvert design methods are presented for both conventional culverts and culverts with inlet improvements. Storage routing techniques are included which permit the designer to account for ponding effects upstream of the culvert. Unique culvert applications, erosion and sediment control, debris control, structural aspects, and long-span culverts are discussed and references cited. Inlet control, outlet control, and critical depth design charts, many of which are newly developed, are included for a variety of culvert sizes, shapes, and materials. New dimensionless culvert design charts are provided for the design of culverts lacking conventional design nomographs and charts. The appendices of the publication contain the equations and methodology used to construct the design charts, information on the hydraulic resistance of culverts, and methods of optimizing culvert design using performance curves and inlet depression. Calculation forms are provided for most of the design methodologies in the manual.


Technical Release 55 (TR-55) presents simplified procedures to calculate storm runoff volume, peak rate of discharge, hydrographs, and storage volumes required for floodwater reservoirs. These procedures are applicable in small watersheds, especially urbanizing watersheds, in the United States. Limits: NRCS type distributions, 24-hour duration rainfall, 10 subwatersheds, minimum 0.1 hour and maximum 10-hour time of concentration.

HEC-HMS User Manual Version 3.3

Description of the use and application of the Corps of Engineers program, HEC-HMS version 3.3. September 2008.

HEC-HMS Technical Reference Manual

Discussion of the technical underpinnings of the Corps of Engineers HEC-HMS program including theoretical basis, parameter estimation techniques, and application suggestions. March 2000

HEC-HMS Applications Guide

This document illustrates application of program HEC-HMS to studies typical of those undertaken by Corps' offices. March 2008.


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